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Ralphy’s Biography



It was a cold day in February 2015, when we heard a cat crying at the back door of our previous location.  We looked out the window to see a very skinny cat looking back at us crying.  Our hearts melted and we took him in hoping we could find the owners. 


Over the next few days he made himself right at home in a cardboard box beside Gary’s desk.  Each time Gary went out to greet customers, the cat was right by his side following his every step and greeting each customer.  At that time, we knew we had to give him a name “Ralphy RitePrice.” 


We went door to door and made phone calls attempting to locate the owner of this very friendly cat without success.  We finally determined we were not going to find the original owners and decided to bring him to the vet to be neutered.  I dropped him off and no sooner returned to the office when the vet called to say Ralphy was already fixed!  Followed by, please take your time coming back to get him - he’s making himself at home walking all over our office desks and greeting the customers.  They determined Ralphy’s age to be around 5 or 6 years old. 


A few weeks went by as we tried to find Ralphy a new home.  One day a customer said they thought they knew someone who would adopt him.  Our hearts dropped and we knew at that time that we had grown too attached and RitePrice Auto Sales had found a new mascot, Ralphy RitePrice!


Ralphy has been greeting customers ever since and has earned the title “Customer Appreciation Manager.”  Often times he greets the customer before we do and has already wound himself around their legs before we arrive.  He doesn’t want to be picked up or held but he will demand a good back scratch.  He can be seen walking the lot inspecting any new car that arrives, giving it an official bumper smell and foot prints on the hood signifying his stamp of approval.  


Ralphy is a fixture at RitePrice that everyone has grown to love.  He looks forward to meeting everyone who chooses to stop in and say hello!

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Hello I'm Ralphy RitePrice!
Ralphy wears a GPS unit around his neck because he likes to roam! 

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Customer Appreciation Manager

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